Our business is based in a rural area. The beautiful location continually motivates us to mitigate our environmental impact and improve our energy efficiency. Here are some examples of the many initiatives we have undertaken in recent years.

Integrated Constructed Wetland
Wastewater Management System

A wastewater management system treats our wastewater in a 13-acre reed bed system. Reed beds are a natural, environmentally friendly, ecologically sustainable solution to the treatment of wastewater. Five ponds, containing reeds, rushes and sedges support the breakdown of solids and nutrients over 25 days in a gravity flow system. Clean recycled water enters the River Suir when the cleaning process is complete.

Food Packaging

We have taken several measures to reduce our packaging waste, such as introducing re-usable crates and pallets. All our cardboard and plastic waste is segregated and recycled for greater efficiency and sustainability. Plastic packaging for the retail industry has been reduced by over 30% and further reductions are imminent. Some plastics have been replaced by hessian and cardboard.

Energy Consumption

Since 2021 LED bulbs are used throughout our stores and offices. This has reduced energy usage by almost 30%.

Food Cloud

As part of our commitment to eliminating food waste throughout our production lines, we collaborate with Food Cloud to ensure fruit and vegetables are distributed through local charities. This produce is delivered weekly to Waterford Food Bank and FoodCloud Hub in Cork. To learn more, visit their website:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy reflects our commitment to our staff, fellow growers, the environment we work in and our local community. To learn more, see our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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