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Top quality potatoes and carrots are grown at O’Shea Farms, also crops grown by local farmers are packed at O’Shea Farms for distribution.

All fruits and vegetables that can be grown in the Irish climate are produced by our growing partners within a fifty mile radius of our distribution centre. This creates a short delivery chain and ensures freshness.

Products which cannot be grown in Ireland are imported from our growing partners in Europe, South America, South Africa, Asia and New Zealand.

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We grow a wide variety of early and main crop potatoes at O’Shea Farms. Early potato varieties include Premier, Home Guard and Queens. These early varieties are harvested from mid-May to July.
Main crop varieties include Rooster, Kerr’s Pink, Golden Wonders and several white varieties. Our main crop potatoes are harvested from July to October. These potatoes are kept in specialist potato stores which ensures top quality Irish potatoes are available 365 days a year.
The consumption of salad and baby potatoes is on the increase in Ireland. These were traditionally imported from the UK and France but in recent times we have developed the technology to grow them in the South East corner of Ireland where climatic conditions are suitable. We now grow over 80% of the crop needed to supply our market and aim to increase this to 100% in the near future.

We work closely with over thirty growing partners in the South East, supplying them with technical support from our agronomists and providing them with a steady market for their crops.

We are members of the Irish Potato Federation and support their campaign to improve potato consumption as a healthy food option

We have achieved Bord Bia’s Origin Green Status which supports sustainable food production in Ireland.


We supply fresh Irish carrots for ten months of the year. During the winter months we cover our carrot crop with a blanket of straw to protect it from harsh frost; this allows us to have Irish carrots on our customer’s shelves until mid-April. Over the years we have invested in modern equipment and buildings including state-of-the-art washing, grading, storage and packing facilities.


A day in the life of a carrot

Our harvesting team begin work at 5am. This early start means the carrots are available for washing at 8am. We wash and cool the carrots to 4ºC to lock in the freshness. The carrots are then inspected and graded. Finally, they are pre-packed and placed in a high humidity 2ºC cold store ready to be dispatched to our customers on refrigerated trucks either the same day or early the following morning. We take great care to ensure the cool chain is maintained and our carrots are kept at the optimum temperature to guarantee their freshness and quality.


We are developing an app that will greatly simplify and speed up the ordering process for all our customers. We will let you know as soon as it’s ready.

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There are many ways to order from Iverk including our brand new App.

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